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Product Description: Item Type:Pet Toy Material:Plastic Color:Multicolored Feature:Durable Target Audience:Cats Size:4.5cm/1.77"*2.5cm/0.98"*2.5cm/0.98" Features: 1. The plastic material is non-toxic and harmless, safe and healthy for the cat. It is also durable and scratch-resistant so that balls have a long service life. 2. This is a toy set, containing 4 multicolored spring toys that are extended and flexible, which is very interesting. 3. The bright colors can arouse the cat's curiosity, adding more fun. 4. Your cat will spend more energy on the toy to reduce to scratch your furniture. 5. You can use it to tease your cat to increase interaction with them and make them much closer to you. Package Include: 4 x spring toys 

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