Stretch Plush Ball Toys for Your Pets - 10 pcs/lot

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【product description】

Classic small toy, polyester high elasticity plush ball that most cats like.

No sound, no noise and quiet, colored balls attract the attention of cats who are naturally sensitive to the noise.

It is one of the small toys that cat families must always have. It is durable and not easy to be damaged. It is very attractive to cats ~ Hurry up and prepare a few for cats;

The material is made of high-quality polyester, fine workmanship, very fun, is a small toy that cats like


[Product Name]: Rainbow color hairy ball elastic 15-30CM environmental protection is not noisy

[Product Specifications]: single 3CM1 g / piece

[Product Material]: Polyester

Package Included:

10 / 20 / 30 pc Stretch Plush Ball


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Total price: $30.00